The late breaking Friday news story suggesting convicted spy Jonathan Pollard will be released was enough to keep us reeling through the weekend. It’s a suspiciously casual way to go about releasing a convicted spy who sold classified information—including information on U.S. officials - to the Israeli government. Pollard is set to be released on November 20. Two decades worth of intelligence heads are against releasing Pollard, a precedent that was reaffirmed as recently as this past May when talk of Pollard’s release was passed around as a way to keep Israel at Secretary Kerry’s peace negotiation table with the Palestinians. Now that Kerry is presiding over the Iranian negotiation table, President Obama’s obviously preferred foreign policy endeavor, there is wide speculation that the timing of this choice piece of news is the latest gift to Israel to buy their begrudging acceptance of the Iran deal. Though the White House has denied the connection, are we really convinced that the same week Obama is putting full-court press on Congress to pass the deal, that putting on the ritz for the 'Senator from Israel' isn’t part of his strategy? The Iran deal might go down in history as the beginning of a new regional order – but the Pollard release will only go down in history as the continuation of the contemporary U.S. tradition to put Israel’s preferences ahead of our own national security.