The simmering war in the Democratic Party is painting a really confusing picture of what the average Democratic voter is thinking. And with a tight race in California carrying high stakes for both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders, we thought it be helpful to do a head-spinning round up of what the polls say Democrats are thinking. We’ve got a near 50/50 split between Hillary and Bernie in California today, but nationally Democrats are increasingly (but still narrowly) in favor of Clinton, and 50% of Democrats would continue supporting Clinton as the Democratic nominee even if she is indicted over her email server drama. But at the same time, Clinton’s unfavorable rating among Democrats continues to drop (and drop, and drop). Let’s not even mention Clinton’s historically high unfavorable ratings among the general public - - 2nd only to… (wait for it) …Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the establishment pressures seem to be aggravating the average Bernie supporter and then some because almost 60% of Democrats want Bernie to stay in the race until the bitter convention. Let’s not forget that Bernie continues to poll better against Trump than does Clinton. Spin the polls and justify the numbers all you want; all we’ve got to say is that it’s all a bit mind-blowing.