Discriminatory admissions policies into our country must be banned and we have a fix. The NO BAN Act seeks to end the Muslim, Refugee, and Asylum Bans, and prevent future acts of faith and national origin-based discrimination in immigration and travel to the United States. This would be done by changing the law on which these bans have been based, the Immigration and Nationality Act. We have a great one-page explainer on the bill if you’d like to learn more, along with a letter signed by 9 pages of organizations, both national and local, from across the entire spectrum of American society that endorse the bill. The bill also has 34 cosponsors in the Senate and 141 cosponsors in the House. But guess who has yet to support the bill? A single Congressional Republican. That’s why we need constituents to act this month to convince Congress that this should not be a partisan issue. So, are you going to act or what?