Trump is full of great ideas for Middle East peace. First, he thought he’d revive the dead peace process by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Oh wait, you can’t bring a dead horse back to life by cutting off its head? Weird! Well, when that didn’t work, Trump decided another way to restart the peace process is to insult the Palestinians on Twitter, accusing them of showing no respect or appreciation for the US, and even threatening to cut off US funding for UNRWA, the UN agency providing basic services to Palestinian refugees. Compelling stuff, but it’s hard to imagine how further mutilation will bring that horse back. Here’s a thought: Since Palestinians only need aid because their economy is strangled by the illegal Israeli occupation, why doesn’t the orange president just stop supporting that occupation? You know, maybe not paying Israel that $4 billion in military aid a year to keep the Palestinians hostage might spare us the burden of feeding these ungrateful hostages who stubbornly refuse to play this peace process game while the deck is stacked against them. Or maybe keep hacking away at the dead horse, who knows.

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