Another week, another unbelievable headline from the Trump campaign. It’s been encouraging to see many Republican voices denounce Trump this time around, and it’s a relief to see many high-profile Democrats successfully make an even bigger point about Trump’s values disqualifying him from serving in our nation’s highest office. But there’s a problem. Trump is still leading in the polls  - - by a lot. We can’t be so naïve to believe that Trump’s devastatingly successful campaign has been built on myths and stuffed ballots. A recent poll shows one-third of Iowa GOP voters support making Islam illegal. Trump’s support is real because his fear-mongering and ridiculous ideas have real resonance with some of the self-identified Republican base. We need the Republican Party to save itself from this mess. And it’s going to take more than denouncing Trump – whether against Mexican immigrants, African Americans, or now Arabs and Muslims, there is a partisan divide on hate developing that has to be challenged head on. Senator Lindsey Graham has been a bright light in that fight, but more must join him.