The AIPAC conference was in Washington this week, and while the shameless pandering was predictable, the contradictions in the Trump era were kind of fun to watch. AIPAC this year aimed to “appeal to progressives,” so they invited a senior editor from Breitbart to the conference. You know, that’s the progressive publication that runs headlines calling Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew” and debating whether it’s better for a child to have feminism or cancer. And when AIPAC’s Executive Director Howard Kohr took the stage, he got in a line calling for a Palestinian state, while the very Israeli coalition government he’s welcomed at AIPAC was outside bragging that “The Palestinian state is off the table… it’s done.” Then there was Nikki Haley, complaining about UN “bullying” of Israel, without any sense of irony, ignoring her own bullying of countries who didn’t tow the U.S. line with threats of aid cuts, to say nothing of Israel’s own bullying of Palestinians by constantly violating their most basic rights. And no AIPAC conference is complete without a Bibi visual aid, saying “Darkness is descending on our region” as he pulls up a black map of Iranian influence in the Middle East. Yes, it’s totally understandable how peace-loving, law-abiding, non-neighbor-occupying, non-nuclear-armed Israel is concerned about the bad behavior of other countries in the region.