Earlier this week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit allowed a 2016 lawsuit by 18 Palestinians and Palestinian Americans to move forward. In the dispute, a group of individuals and companies, including Sheldon Adelson and two Israeli banks, are accused of conspiring to expel non-Jews from the West Bank, a claimed violation of US and international law. The Court of Appeals ruled that the question as to whether genocide is occurring in the West Bank can be decided by the courts, and that there are international legal standards for genocide and war crimes. The 3-0 panel decision signals that the merits of the case may be argued in federal court. But more hurdles remain: one of the underlying statutory bases for the suit, the Alien Tort Statute, was severely constrained by the Supreme Court last year in Jesner v. Arab Bank, a 5-4 decision. Nonetheless, this marks an important opportunity to demonstrate the ongoing treatment of Palestinians, and a creative attempt to hold accountable those who facilitate, and profit from, such injustice.