If you’re not still cringing from Wednesday afternoon, you probably missed the press conference marking Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’s visit with President Donald Trump. Trump committed to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while offering exactly ZERO specifics on how he planned to do so. But what was more remarkable was his diminishing confidence over the course of the few minutes he spent at the podium.  How confident was Trump on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? “We will get it done.”  Good, seems ambitious. Care to take a small step back? “We will be working so hard to get it done”. Ok, more realistic. But, like, what are the chances? “Very, very good chance”.  Well, that’s less imminent than it was just a couple of lines ago, but still pretty promising!  “I’ve always heard that [this is] perhaps the toughest deal to make...Let’s see if we can prove them wrong.” Yeah, “let’s see”.  If we went from “we will get it done” to “let’s see” in a couple of minutes, we’re not sure what a couple of weeks will do. And with the Middle East team you’ve assembled, Mr. President, we’ll also pass on holding our breath. PS: We like to be right at Countdown, but if our cynicism is proven wrong here, we’ll be first to celebrate.