Only this president could turn people like Jeff Sessions and John Bolton into sympathetic characters. Like the former attorney general, Bolton had a rather undignified exit from this administration after serving as national security advisor for 17 months, which in Trump world might as well be an eternity. The alleged dispute was over Iran (which Bolton has been dying to bomb), but how that dispute went down exactly remains a topic of… well, dispute. Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that he fired Bolton the night before. Bolton fired back at the president, claiming instead that he had offered to resign that night but in response Trump said “let’s talk about it tomorrow.” Whatever the actual sequence of events, the result is that Bolton is out, and to that let us say “good riddance!” But the man who hired him in the first place is not out, and therefore we should expect Bolton’s replacement to be just as or even more unfavorable. For now we have Charles Kupperman as the acting head of the national security council. Turns out he has ties to Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, which is pretty much a national security think tank operating as a front for an industrial scale anti-Muslim hate factory.