Over the weekend, we had 15 organizations - including two leading Syrian American orgs - co-sponsor a full day of programming that elevated the Arab American community's urgent, united call for increased U.S. assistance to refugees. Some people, we guess, weren't quite as thrilled with that "agenda" as we were. Accusations over the ever sophisticated social media echo chamber shyly came up, saying the we were "silencing Syrian voices" (ummm....what about that Syrian refugee we highlighted twice?) and even more ridiculous accusations of AAI promoting a "clear agenda" and stumping as "Assad apologists" (really? he was referred to as a dictator and butcher from the podium several times at the NLC alone), and we were pretty clear about our agenda: increased U.S. assistance to refugees). We are big kids and understand that criticism comes with the territory but to attribute false agendas when we were completely transparent is especially troubling since we worked to unite folks around a humanitarian agenda. We know that our community spans the political spectrum when it comes to a framework for ending the conflict in Syria but that was not our focus. Surely, saving children is something we can all get behind? And if you can't get with us on that agenda, attacking in social media will not move us. Actually, nothing will so let's move beyond the silliness and do things like ask the President to take in more Syrian refugees or endorse privately funded refugee resettlement. It feels good to get work done.