Did you know that the federal government eliminated anti-Arab hate crime from the FBI’s national data collections in 1992, only to reintroduce the category in 2015, more than two decades later? Neither did we, that is, until we started researching for our new report released this week! Underreported, Under Threat: Hate Crime in the United States and the Targeting of Arab Americans is a groundbreaking resource on a critical issue: the lasting threat of targeted violence against Arab Americans, and the broader shortcomings of local, state, and federal responses to hate crime in our communities. The report provides a historical overview of anti-Arab bigotry, case studies into specific hate crimes targeting Arab Americans, and a discussion of government data on anti-Arab hate crime between 1991 and 2016. We have also created a comprehensive resource guide on hate crime in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, complete with an easy-to-understand rating system to rank and compare states based on their overall response. We’re proud of this work and excited for the advocacy it will surely promote. Give it a look here!