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Doing the right thing will now get you national news coverage… just not always the kind you expected.

In February, Fox News ran a story on Alexandria, Virginia’s Aldersgate United Methodist church. Fox questioned Aldersgate’s decision to open its 110-seat multi-purpose room to Muslims looking for a place to worship while their mosque was under construction. 

Aldersgate’s Rev. Dennis Perry, who has also appeared on The Daily Show regarding his decision, said “You’ve got to build peace whenever you get the chance.  Instead of seeing Muslims as competitors, we need to work together for a common purpose.” 

But Fox News warned that such acts of concord might lead to “Chrislam,” a merging of Christianity and Islam, and echoed the sentiments of former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee when he asked whether churches were “really ever intended to be a place where something that is the antithesis of the gospel of Christ would be presented.”  

It’s all political fringe up to this point — until Virginia Senatorial candidate and Aldersgate parishioner George Allen was questioned on the issue. We’re pleased to say that he admirably refused to be drawn into the fray. According The Fort Hunt Patch, Allen said that he has no intention of leaving the church where he and his family have worshipped for the last ten years.  “We understand that good people will have differing opinions on this, but as I stated when entering this Senate race I will endeavor to focus on the concerns that I hear from Virginians,” said Allen.


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