Just about everybody knows somebody who got to the US on the Green Card Lottery, or the “US Diversity Immigrant Visa Program” as it’s technically called. But if someone applied between October 3rd and October 10th, their applications were lost due to a technical glitch, and they’re going to have to reapply. To add to the anxiety, there is a rule that people who apply twice will have their applications rejected. So how many people have been affected by this stress-inducing glitch? “The State Department is unable...to provide an estimate of how many people were affected and expected to reapply.” However many they are, we hope this gets straightened out. Between that, the Muslim Ban attempts, talk of a border wall, and the Trump administration’s new hurdles to the Green Card process, the plaque on the Statue of Liberty may have to read “give me your exhausted” instead of just tired.

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