One VP Candidates Debates, Another Denies but Doesn't Defend

If you didn't tune in to the Vice Presidential debate this week, well, neither did most Americans so we're here to catch you up. It was a somewhat frustrating, awkward, and downright strange conversation between Democratic Senator Tim Kaine and Republican Governor Mike Pence - but there were some highlights. Despite being uncomfortable, the two candidates covered a whole lot of policy ground on many of the issues we've been tracking, like Syria, community policing, and bigotry. You can find our coverage of all of those issues here and here, but let's just take a moment to talk about what we didn't expect. We definitely didn't think Sen. Kaine would test out his "tough guy" chops, which has been pretty widely beeb panned as unsuccessful. But the Pence conundrum is even more surprising. Hot off the heels of an embarrassing court decision against his suspension of refugee resettlement in Indiana, Pence was able to sugarcoat many of Trump's most sour pills. However untruthful, it seems Pence's "deny, deny, deny" strategy was able to completely frustrate his opponent. But for a guy who appears to have won the debate in the polls, he sure isn't getting much thanks from his boss, Donald Trump. Maybe Trump has good reason. Pence's "deny, deny, deny" strategy was a painfully obvious refusal to "defend, defend, defend." While Clinton was firing off some real zingers in celebration of her running mate, Donald Trump was apparently upset that Pence perhaps upstaged him, and definitely didn't defend him. We're not sure where this leaves the Pence-Trump arrangement, but if the past can be used to predict the future - we're sure Trump will tweet about it soon.