Donald Trump recently warned Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad personally, as well as his military, of paying a “heavy price” if they were to conduct another chemical weapons attack, after stating that the US “identified potential preparations” for such an event. The Pentagon eventually confirmed the White House’s suspicions, but not before “many officials across the Pentagon [said they] did not know what the White House was referring to” until the next morning. The Trump Administration has since taken credit for preventing this prospective attack. At the same time, however, a watchdog group reported that nearly 500 civilians, including more than 100 children, have been killed in a single month in Syria due to bombings by the US-led coalition. The party responsible and the kind of weaponry used is really secondary, it’s the fact that Syrians continue to die in such horrific numbers while the world has grown numb that’s incredibly tragic. We must resist the urge to accept this as “normal”. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian people.