Donald Trump has succeeded in destroying President Obama’s crowning foreign policy achievement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. Trump has withdrawn from the Iran Deal, which was a commonsense agreement joined by our European allies to prevent Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and avert another disastrous and unnecessary war in the Middle East. The operative language being the “joint” part of the deal so Iran and the Europeans have announced they plan to move forward without us since everyone in the world knew Iran was complying with the deal. Good times!  Netanyahu, who pretends to be the most concerned about Iranian nukes and has the TED-light talk to prove it, was loving Trump’s announcement.  Israel’s real goal, of course, is to constrain Iran’s behavior in the region, which would be a reasonable concern if raised by a peaceful, law-abiding state that’s minding its own business. But our aggression-prone, neighbor-occupying, nuclear-armed friend doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on, though still they struck the Iranians in Syria multiple times, trying to provoke a confrontation, and we got one (thankfully it was just a skirmish this time). Meanwhile (get this), the Trump Administration is demanding that Iran continue complying with its obligations under the Iran Deal (yes, the very deal Trump just violated). It’s as if the Bibi/Trump duo is itching for a war, and boy have they surrounded themselves with the best cheerleaders for one. Interestingly, some key U.S. Gulf allies, including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, have joined that chorus too. Our European friends, however, are still acting like adults, but there is no telling of whether they can avert the worst-case scenario. Let’s hope… No, let’s work to keep the worst from happening.