We don't need to mince words when we describe President Trump's campaign, transition, and White House staff as the most hostile administration in recent history when it comes to their view of Muslims. There is much to be incensed and concerned about. But we cannot hang the entirety of Trump's anti-Arab and anti-Muslim national security agenda on his administration alone. Viewing Arab Americans and American Muslims through a securitized frame that requires resilience building as part of the advancement of U.S. national security is an Obama era creation, plain and simple. It's ridiculous to us that so many people only grew skeptical of Obama's "Countering Violent Extremism" (CVE) programming after rumors and leaks indicated that President Trump intends to rename the program to "Countering Islamic Extremism," making the initiative's problematic and dangerous agenda suddenly obvious. It has always been obvious to us that a federal program that views all Arab Americans and American Muslims as potential terrorists is more than a bit of problem. Point is simple, CVE programs were bad under Obama and will only be worse under Trump. Now many previous supporters of CVE - even community organizations who have accepted government grants to become partners with Obama's CVE agenda - are falling in line with us to oppose it. Grants have been rejected and key CVE researchers are admitting their newfound wariness about how the programs they built might be used to surveil, silence, and criminalize American Muslim communities. We're happy to welcome more people in to the anti-CVE camp. We need them. We also know that Obama was wrong, Trump is simply more wrong.

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