You know the feeling: Your kids are playing soccer in the front yard, and you end up having to drop your groceries and rush to protect them because ISIS is running around your neighborhood again, with their masks and military fatigues on. Thanks a lot, Obama! Wait, this doesn't happen in your neighborhood? Strange, because this is what Bryce Reeves, candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia, seems to think Obama did to previously peaceful suburbs. No, seriously, watch the ad. We know what you're thinking, "this has GOT to be a parody". Well, we thought that too for a moment, but it’s not. Every time we tell ourselves we’ve seen the most absurd fear-mongering possible in an election season, someone comes along and shatters the record, so we’ve learned our lesson, and we’re done thinking we’ve seen it all. On that note, if you see a political ad in your paper, on your TV or on the internet that’s praiseworthy, troubling, or just flat-out hilarious, be sure to send it our way, we’d like to keep track of those.

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