The former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley barely registered in the Iowa caucus delegate battle on Tuesday, and quickly suspended his presidential campaign. It's a bit of a mystery why his mostly solid resume, inspirational message, and easy likability never really caught on this election season when it's worked for others in the past. But then again, this election season is defying predictability in many, many ways (cough, Trump). But we're hoping O'Malley stays around the election circus to keep pushing three pieces of his platform that we've long been a fan of: his first-to-the-punch clarion call for the US to resettle Syrian refugees; his articulation of what amounts to the closest thing to a balanced policy on Israel-Palestine we've seen from a candidate; and, a wonderfully proactive approach to combatting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry. And O'Malley was pitch perfect till the end, in an email to his supporters announcing the end of his campaign, he said, "We must hold strong for Latinos and Muslims and everyone defending us against the demagogues." O'Malley, oh how we will miss your voice on these issues, please don’t go too far.

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