Just one day after he asked for more resources to speed up the investigation into Russia’s interference with the US election, the 6’8” tall FBI Director James Comey (you didn’t know he was that tall, did you?) was fired by President Trump. Why? The Trump administration had several explanations, each more compelling than the next. Many noted a self-contradiction in the administration’s claim that Comey was fired for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation during the election, given that Trump had previously praised that exact handling. But there is actually one way this might not be a contradiction at all: What if Trump grew to hate the burden of the presidency so much that he’s genuinely upset with Comey for potentially swinging the election his way? We’d like to run this theory by Sean Spicer, but we’re office geeks untrained to roam the bushes in search of people. Ok, since this is the top story on every news channel, paper, and website, you probably don’t need us any further on this one.