“Don’t Be a Puppet,” is a countering violent extremism (CVE) program that was supposed to be rolled out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) earlier this week, but has been indefinitely put back on the shelf. The initial rollout of this program was quickly derailed by a firestorm of criticism from Arab and Muslim advocacy groups who contended that the program is extremely problematic as it could generate increased discrimination against Arab Americans and American Muslims. Some argued that it would be more appropriate for the Department of Education, and not the FBI, to introduce such a program. The bottom line is that this newest CVE program is problematic because the very concept of CVE is fundamentally flawed. It is a concept that is based off of faulty and repeatedly discredited assumptions based on “radicalization theory” and so-called “indicators of radicalization.” The Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, FBI, Department of State and the National Counterterrorism Center are all federal bureaucracies already involved in federal CVE efforts. We do not need to add any more federal agencies to this already dizzying bureaucratic web. Doing so only strengthens the credibility of a flawed federal program and further wastes taxpayer dollars. There are real counterterrorism threats we must confront and videos for high school kids—or other headline-grabbing CVE efforts—are not going to cut it.