Remember Jon Ossoff, the young Democratic congressional candidate who was smeared for allowing an Arab media organization use documentary footage of his? He made a lot of noise because he was said to be all set to take the very solidly red 6th district of Georgia away from the Republicans. It was supposed to be the mother of all victories for the Democrats, proving popular disillusionment with President Trump. Cool story bro, but Ossoff just lost that race, and not before spending the tens of millions of dollars he surprisingly raised. When Republican committees and Super PACs saw the kind of money Ossoff was raising, they poured more than $18 million to support Republican Karen Handel, who barely edged out a win, keeping the red district safe. So, is the lesson that the president is so popular that even a Democratic superstar with tens of millions cannot unseat a Republican? Or is the lesson that the president is so unpopular that the Republicans had to spend tens of millions to hold on to a red district? The only lesson we’re taking away is that $55 million is an obscene amount of money to spend on a house race.