It’s been a tough two weeks for our government’s salesmanship of “Countering Violent Extremism” programs. CVE’s first foray into actual programming at the federal level was a disaster, but the Department began “beta-testing” something called “Shared Responsibility Committees,” (SRCs) last week and they are what CVE is really about. And because CVE lacks rationality in the first place, SRCs have been roundly criticized because they’re a disaster in the making. The intellectuals and pundits  in the counter terrorism community are beginning to catch on to one of CVE’s many problems—CVE is trying to solve a problem that it can’t (presumed ideology) in a way that it shouldn’t (profiling a community). DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson can’t even talk about CVE to his friends in Washington, D.C. without having to battle CVE detractors. At this week’s #CVESymposium the crowd seemed to be filled with more critics than supporters, if Twitter is to be trusted. Secretary Johnson un-ironically says that criticism of CVE is evidence that it’s working, well, we respectfully disagree.