Remember when we made fun of the Governors who declared - without a shred of authority to do so - they would not accept Syrian refugees in their state? Yeah, we thought we were funny too. We were even more impressed by the many voices who came out to denounce the fear-mongering, politicking, and unhelpful overreaction that the actions of those Governors embodied. But now we're back to the mat fighting attempts by two states (so far) who are exploring more legal options to slam the door to victims of ISIL looking for refuge in our country. Last week, Alabama became the second state to do so after Texas, and the first since the SAFE Act was temporarily stymied by the Senate. But the SAFE Act - which will in effect end the resettlement program - is up for consideration again next week in the Senate, and once against we're calling on you to stand against this bad idea. Take Action

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