Last Wednesday former Republican Senator Rick Santorum shocked no one in announcing his 2016 Presidential run. What did shock many political analysts was his performance in his previous (or maybe ongoing?) 2012 Presidential campaign, where he seemed to fare much better than expected in the rough 2012 Republican primaries. While many already discount his chances in 2016, previous comebacks indicate that we might see him well into the 2016 race. His face is already popping up in a few unexpected circles, including an ISIL online magazine called Dabiq, where the Republican hopeful is named the catholic crusader under the headline “In the words of our enemy.” Santorum seemingly took the position of "all press is good press," framing the incident as “They know who I am, and I know who they are.” ISIL, however, is allegedly less tough on Santorum than the New York Times. In an April interview on Fox & Friends, Santorum said the ISIL publication actually quoted him more accurately than the New York Times stating that it was “a remarkable comment on the state of the media today.” All things considered, Santorum displayed his political acumen when used this episode to bolster his campaign’s foreign policy chops. Santorum is also joined in the field of Republican hopefuls by Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and former New York Governor George Pataki, who at the age of 69 declared his candidacy even though his political clout is far from what it once was.

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