One can only hope that this news will become null. Chuck Schumer, the Senate’s third ranking Democrat, lined up with the likes of Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee when he recently announced his opposition to Obama’s latest foreign policy achievement: the Iran deal. Schumer’s disapproval does not shake the political world; in predictable form, AIPAC is adamantly opposed to the deal, and is spending between 20 and 40 million dollars lobbying congress. The pro-Israel courting of Schumer cannot be underestimated: despite Schumer’s claim that he made his decision “without regard to pressure, politics or party,” Reuters pointed out that Mr. Schumer’s questions to the White House about the Iran deal “were lifted straight from AIPAC.” In a powerfully pragmatic speech last week, President Obama proclaimed that those who lobbied for war with Iraq (AIPAC included) are now spending millions to kill the Iran deal. The New York Times published a front-page article the next day suggesting that the “rift” between the President and AIPAC is somehow a bad thing, when in fact Obama’s departure is a great step forward. The Times quoted AIPAC’s communications director, who claimed that AIPAC did not take a position on the Iraq War, so it is unfair for Obama to compare their lobbying then and now. Evidence, though, is to the contrary – AIPAC made clear efforts to thrust America into Iraq, and is now making even clearer efforts to derail peace with Iran. Schumer, a self-professed guardian of Israeli interests who was poised to become the Senate’s next Democratic leader, may face consequences for bowing to right-wing lobbying; has pledged to withhold funds to Democrats who vote to destroy the Iran deal. Couple Schumer's decision with what we shared with you last week, and you would be correct in noting that established Democratic institutions are taking on voices attacking the Democratic president. This is indeed significant.