If you thought Trump’s anti-Muslim baiting was strictly a domestic issue, think again. This administration’s choice for US Ambassador to the Netherlands was none other than former Michigan member of congress Peter Hoekstra, a man who made false and incendiary claims about “no-go zones” in the Netherlands where non-Muslims would be set on fire if they ventured. When Hoekstra was confronted by Dutch journalists about his false remarks, he claimed that this was “fake news” and that he never made those remarks. This basically means that Hoekstra had lied about his lies. But the Dutch journalists were prepared with video evidence of his original remarks, and upon showing those to him, he claimed that he never claimed that claims of those remarks was fake news (yes, he lied about lying about lying). This whole madenning exchange was summed up beautifully by Chris Hayes. But while Hoekstra offered a vague apology about that dishonest exchange, Dutch journalists weren’t satisfied, and they continue to grill him on being clear about whether he takes back his original lies. Weeks after that initial exchange, Hoekstra still refuses to speak candidly about the matter. But as frustrating as his conduct has been, we have to pause for a moment and say kudos to the Dutch and American journalists holding him accountable.