ISIL and the Assad regime alike continue to carry out daily atrocities inside Syria. The lack of substantive action and progress on the Syrian conflict has led millions of Syrians to desperately find a way out. Though for Syrians that take the costly and too often harrowing  step of leaving their embattled homeland, the horrors continue. Syrians have been held up as they attempt to cross into Europe and reach the few nations that have opened up to receive significant numbers of refugees and migrants. In what will be remembered as one of the most appalling episodes of the extended crisis in Syria, Austrian authorities came across an abandoned box truck on a highway containing the decaying corpses of 71 Syrians. This incident is not isolated. There is some hope though, with Europeans organizing rallies in support of the women, children, and men that have left situations of almost certain injury or death for a new life. While policymakers remain in holding pattern on what can be done diplomatically and militarily, there must be greater protection against the senseless and grotesque ordeals facing these civilian victims of war. These deaths are a black mark on the world for its inefficacy in addressing this sustained humanitarian catastrophe.