Nikki Haley stepped up to the plate to deliver the official Republican response to the last Obama State of the Union - and since her predecessors fell painfully flat in past years, the Governor of South Carolina was pretty much set up to succeed. But Gov. Haley's response got more than an up or down rating, it seems to have laid bare the growing fracture within the Republican Party between the Party's establishment and the likes of Donald Trump and his supporters. Her decision to go after Trump has led to an appallingly par-for-the-course response from Trump and other far right fear-stokers within the GOP who used some thinly veiled racial language to criticize Haley, who happens to be an American of Indian Sikh decent. Gov. Haley enjoys a consistent 2/3rds approval rating in the electorally significant state, but the electoral path to victory has never seemed to matter to Mr. Trump as much as a shocking applause line. It's what his supporters expect, and it's what they got.

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