Ten Years Later

Posted by CBC on September 11, 2011

Hour Two

James Zogby - For Muslims everywhere, life changed forever ten years ago today.

James Zogby is actually not a Muslim. He is an Arab American. Like most Arabs in both Canada and the United States, Mr. Zogby is a Christian. This, of course, has not protected him from the suspicion and sometimes even the hatred of his fellow citizens.

James Zogby is President of the Arab American Institute. He writes a weekly column carried by more than twenty Arab newspapers. He is the host of a weekly call in program on Abu Dhabi Television. And he is very...

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Arab Americans and the 2012 elections

Posted by on September 01, 2011

by James Zogby

For Arab Americans, the 2012 election will be different.

Many of the same critical issues that shaped the 2008 contest are still in play, and will define the national agenda in 2012: Iraq remains unsettled; there is no Israeli-Palestinian peace; the U.S. economy is still in shambles; and intense partisanship continues to impede solutions to some of our nation's most pressing problems. Nevertheless, this election will be different.

For one, the Arab world is different, with dramatic new developments reshaping the political map of the region. Across the Middle East, Arabs have risen up demanding change. No...

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Iran Feels Heat Over Support for Damascus

Posted by Farnaz Fassihi on August 31, 2011

BEIRUT—Iran's steadfast support for Syria's regime has rapidly eroded Tehran's credibility among Arabs, leaving the country with a foreign-policy dilemma as popular uprisings mount across the region.

Supporting President Bashar al-Assad will further diminish Tehran's already troubled standing in the region, political analysts say. But abandoning him would crumble Iran's platform in Syria.

"They've lost a lot of soft power and credibility, and the situation in Syria makes it worse," said Paul Salem, director of the Middle East Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "There are new revolutions and heroes to look up to in the Middle East, and Iran is...

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Poll shows Iran has lost Arab support

Posted by Jumana Al Tamimi on August 03, 2011

Dubai: After a few years of supporting Iran for its defiant stance towards Washington, Arab peoples have today a different position amid their "spring": they are less supportive of Tehran and they consider the US irrelevant.

A recently released poll by the Arab-American Institute (AAI) in six Arab countries showed a "significant" decrease in Iran's favourable ratings since 2006 and 2008, explained James Zogby, founder and president of AAI.

That time, the Arab public opinion was supportive of Iran's nuclear programme and looked at it as "active defiance to the West", he noted.

However, many things have changed in the...

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Debating Israel in NY-9: A History of Outrage

Posted by on August 02, 2011

Debating Israel with a congressman from Brooklyn isn’t easy, then or now.

Asked about the tone of the debate over Israel-hawk credentials in the upcoming special congressional election to replace Anthony Weiner, James Zogby, head of the Arab American Institute, recalled a run-in he had more than 20 years ago.

“In 1988, when I raised the plank at the Democratic National Convention, I went up against Chuck Schumer,” said Mr. Zogby, who was a delegate from the Jesse Jackson campaign at the time. “They were telling me, ‘Zogby, if you even raise this at the convention you’ll never have a...

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Poll: Arab views of Iran plummet in wake of Arab spring

Posted by Hilary Krieger on July 27, 2011

 WASHINGTON – Arab attitudes towards Iran have worsened sharply in recent years, according to a new six-nation poll released by the Arab American Institute Wednesday.Since 2006, Iran’s favorability has plummeted from the 70-90 percent range among Arab countries to a current range of 10-40%, with the average favorability rating at just 27.5%. Of the six countries surveyed – Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – only Lebanon’s, at 63%, has a majority favorability rating. Saudis’ views are the worst, with only 6% viewing Iran favorably.

“Their quest for hegemony is one that is...

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Poll: Sharp drop in Iran’s popularity in Arab world

Posted by Natasha Mozgovaya on July 27, 2011

New poll by the Arab American Institute shows Arab public in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, and UAE sees Iran's role in the region as mostly negative. Iran's popularity in the Arab world has sharply dropped in the past decade, according to a new poll by the Arab American Institute presented in Washington, D.C on Wednesday.

The poll, conducted in June in six Arab countries - Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates - shows that Iran has become a regional irritant. The U.S. diplomatic cables exposed by WikiLeaks have shown last year that...

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Zogby Poll: ‘Shocking’ Drop in Iran’s Popularity in Arab World

Posted by David A. Patten on July 26, 2011

Iran’s reputation is taking a nosedive in the Arab world due to its sectarian meddling and the perception that it does not promote peace in the Middle East, according to a new IBOPE Zogby International poll. The poll was conducted on behalf of the Arab-American Institute (AAI) Foundation. AAI founder and President James Zogby tells Newsmax the poll shows that Iran’s popularity in the region is “plummeting.” Zogby attributes Iran’s ratings slide to its “manifestly sectarian and aggressive” policies, he says. “It really was rather shocking I thought,” Zogby tells Newsmax. “Even a couple of years ago, people...

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What Arabs think of America

Posted by The Economist on July 20, 2011

ONE disappointment of Barack Obama's presidency has been his failure to satisfy the expectations he raised in the Arab world. A recent poll by James Zogby's Arab American Institute shows that his favourability rating there is now 10% or less. In the various countries surveyed, "American interference" came top of a list of "obstacles to peace and stability". In Egypt, poster-child of the Arab spring, 65% single out American interference in Arab affairs as an obstacle to peace and security, whereas only 29% picked interference by Iran.

This is bad news not only for Mr Obama but also for...

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Obama Fails to Budge Arab Opinion

Posted by Michael Crowley on July 14, 2011

The economy and the budget may be consuming Barack Obama’s presidency, but don’t forget that his candidacy was largely–perhaps even mostly–about foreign policy. At the core of Obama’s rationale for running in 2008 was his promise to restore America’s international strength, and diminish the threat of terrorism, by withdrawing our troops from Iraq, closing Guantanamo Bay, and reaching out to the Arab and Muslim world. There was even hopeful talk that his middle name alone would improve America’s image in places like Cairo and Islamabad. Today, such notions seem rather quaint. 

The U.S. still has nearly 50,000...

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