High-stakes New Hampshire did not disappoint on delivering more drama for the never-ending 2016 presidential campaign. Coming out of the Granite State primary, the media is as hell bent on making the Clinton campaign look as panicked as possible as her campaign is on projecting an unflinching confidence. The Clinton machine had a few shaky moments in New Hampshire though, notably when her campaign manager sent a memo conceding defeat hours before the results came in that tried to explain away (and completely deny) the importance of her less-than-stellar start winning popular support in the two crucial early voting states. Yes, the Clinton campaign may have expected to split Iowa and New Hampshire with Senator Sanders, and yes Clinton might be able to deliver on the widely held expectation that minorities are in her camp, but the memo sounded every bit as panicked as the media has been saying. That is even though Clinton is likely to walk out of New Hampshire with more delegates than Sanders (that's the bizarreness of electoral politics folks!). On the Republican side, just about everyone was expecting Trump to win, but the surprising surge Ohio Governor Kasich staged with the help of notable Arab American John E. Sununu is a serious challenge to a Rubio campaign that had hoped to gather Republican establishment support following the Florida Senator’s Iowa showing. With the Republican field reduced by two thanks to New Hampshire, the real fight for the establishment endorsement looks to be between New Hampshire favorite Kasich, the down-but-not-out Bush, and the likely-not-a-robot Rubio. For both parties, New Hampshire cleared less up than it complicated. Now on to South Carolina!

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