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By Jeffrey Wright

2012 Spring Intern

In an election season full of suspicion of Arab Americans and American Muslims, a new documentary provides an important antidote by showcasing the lives of 39 Arab Americans from around the country. The stories in the documentary, entitled “Arab American Stories,” are notably devoid of the radicalism and secret Sharia plots of the right-wing imagination, filled instead with the normalcy of American life. The documentary, split into 13 parts, was produced by Alicia Sams, a veteran of the film industry who is of Arab American origin. A co-production of Detroit Public Television and PBS, the film was made possible by the nearly half a million dollars raised in and around Detroit, much of it from Arab American business and community leaders.  The first part aired last week on Detroit Public Television, with the other installments to follow.  The series may be broadcast nationally this summer.  Hopefully, this documentary and others like it can show the American public that Arab Americans are hard-working, family-oriented and creative; in other words, Americans.

If you're in Detroit, you can catch the show tonight on Channel 56 at 7:30pm.

You can read more about the show here.

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