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On Monday, October 4, we will hold a press conference to release a new poll indicating how Arab Americans are likely to vote in the upcoming November elections, and how they view other key issues that impact the Arab American community. The poll also shows discrimination against Arab Americans is on the rise.  

Among the other findings to be released:

  • 2 in 5 (41%) Arab Americans have experienced some form of discrimination due to their ethnicity, the overwhelming majority, however, are proud to be Arab American.
  • Like the rest of Americans, the number one issue concerning Arab Americans is jobs and the economy.
  • The poll release will also include new figures showing how Arab Americans view President Obama's performance on critical issues and which party they want to control Congress.

As part of a national leadership summit taking place this weekend, which brings together nearly 100 community leaders from 17 states, AAI and other national and local organizations will be releasing a consensus statement setting foreign and domestic policy priorities to mobilize Arab American voters for the midterm elections.

A report entitled Leadership or Pandering: Grading Our Elected Officials, examining public comments of office holders and candidates on the controversy about the Park 51 project, will also be released at the press conference. Commenting on that report and the policial climate leading up to the midterm elections, AAI President Jim Zogby stated, 

In the aftermath of the controversy around the Islamic community center in New York, it is clear that policy makers need to elevate the conversation about their fellow Arab American and American Muslim citizens. These citizens are also voters and this shameful episode is having an impact on why and how they will vote in November.

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What: Arab American Election Poll Release

Where: Capital Hilton. 1001 16th Street NW 20036 Washington, DC 20036. The South American Room

When: 2:00 pm Monday, October 4th

Contact: Omar Tewfik, (202-429-9210 ext. 31)