Posted on July 10, 2013 in Arab American Institute

Join the National Arab American Dialog


As waves of protests and popular uprisings blossomed across the Arab world two winters ago, Arab Americans became swept up in their movements as well. It is difficult to forget the hope many of us shared in those initial weeks and months as massive, non-violent demonstrations flowed into streets and city centers with calls for civility, mutual respect and national dialogue, and stories of peaceful cooperation between historically hostile factions filled our newsfeeds. Yet as events have continued to unfold across the region, the evolving situations in each country have grown increasingly complex.

This week, despite new violence and increased casualties on the ground in Egypt and the announcement by US officials of the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, we are continuing our national conversation by refocusing attention on one of the most contentious foreign policy issues facing the Arab American community: Syria. Given events in Egypt, Syria’s bloody civil war has been in the media less and less even though the UN recently placed the death toll at more than 100,000 and millions are displaced or have become refugees.  

This week we will host both a Twitter chat and a national conference call on Syria, tackling issues including:

  • The latest on sending US arms to rebels and the increased militarization of the conflict 
  • The growing humanitarian crises and the US response
  • The implications of the civil war on the broader region

Below is a schedule for this week’s discussion on Syria. If you’re participating via Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag:  #AAIchat

Wednesday, July 31:
1:00-1:45p.m. EST Twitter Chat on #Syria #AAIChat

Thursday, August 1:
Arab American National Conference Call on Syria: (Time TBD)

If you are interested in participating in the conference call, please email Tess Waggoner.

A geo-political situation as complex and devastating as the one in Syria demands attention and input from engaged citizens like you who recognize the issues and can speak to them with conviction and courage. We hope you will be able to join us.

We want to keep the conversation going on Egypt and we’re looking forward to our discussion on Palestine in the coming week. Make sure to check back on our blog for upcoming announcements.

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