If you have any exposure to mainstream news, you’ve probably heard (or rather, haven’t stopped hearing) by now that the highly anticipated report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to be completed any day now. Most reports suggest that the completion of the report will precede Rod Rosenstein’s departure from DOJ. But what will it say? Who will it implicate? Will there be consequences? These are just some of the crucial questions swirling in the mediascape ahead of the report’s release. Perhaps the subject of the most speculation is the question, who gets to read it? Will the public even be able to access it? AG William Barr has suggested that the office will simultaneously release separate classified and unclassified versions. We’re hanging cliffside waiting for answers too, but we are also left wondering about a more pernicious hypothetical: in a landscape as polarized as the current one, will the report be regarded as the thoughtful work of government officers committed to serving the Constitution, or will the dangerous soapboxing of the administration further obfuscate fact vs. fiction?