Who loves acronyms? We do! And so do Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and James Lankford (R-OK), who just unveiled the Solution for Undocumented Children through Careers, Employment, Education, and Defending our nation, or SUCCEED Act. The proposed legislation is being vaunted as a conservative variety of the DREAM Act, which, need we remind you, is in fact bipartisan. What would it take for DACA recipients to “succeed” under Tillis and Lankford’s new bill? For one, it would entail a more than 15-year pathway to citizenship. It would also prohibit Dreamers from petitioning for close relatives to obtain permanent residency and require they sign a waiver effectively eliminating their rights to due process. We can’t let minorities in AND respect their rights! Today’s theme won’t allow it. Remember how we expressed our fondness for acronyms? Well, we’ve got another name for this bill: the Nefarious Immigration Guidance for Harsh Treatment and Mild Abdication of Rights and Equality Act. Spell it out. Hint: it spells nightmare.