Over the last couple of days, Israeli bombardment killed 34 Palestinians, including 8 members of one family. The violence was triggered by Israel’s assassination of an Islamic Jihad commander, killing his wife and injuring their children in the process, which the militant group responded to with rocket fire. Despite the fact that the death toll mounted exclusively on the Palestinian side, the reaction of U.S. politicians was the same old predictable madness: Pete Buttigieg condemned the rocket fireaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself, and that was it. Joe Biden did the same. Amy Klobuchar did the same as well. Cory Booker? Yup, pretty much the same. Come to think of it, they were practically reading from the same script, reciting standard talking points that are totally divorced from reality. If they took about three seconds to think about what they’re saying, they may notice that defending the occupiers’ right to “self defense” while ignoring the ordinary Palestinians who are the daily victims of the occupiers’ aggression is a grossly lopsided and inadequate way to address the crisis; but they’re busy campaigning, so three seconds is too much to ask.  There is a fragile ceasefire that’s holding at the moment, and we hope it lasts longer than our politicians’ common sense impairment on this issue.