Strange times in Washington continue as Strange’s time in Washington comes to an end. The appointed Alabama senator—Jeff Sessions’ replacement—was soundly defeated in a special primary runoff by the brimstone boomer and decidedly bigoted Roy Moore. Strange was by all-means the establishment pick: he received strong backing from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and a flurry of supportive tweets from President Trump, which he has since furtively and perhaps unlawfully deleted. Remember covfefe? According to new tweets from Trump, Moore “sounds like a really great guy.” What do we think? Well, for someone who called Islam a “false religion,” compared the Qur’an to Mein Kampf, spread unfounded fear about Sharia, and equated homosexuality with bestiality, let’s just say we have our reservations. Oh, we almost forgot: he was thrown off the bench twice while serving as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, once after violating the establishment clause of the First Amendment and again after refusing to recognize same-sex marriage. The list goes on. The list of politicians to express concerns over Moore’s victory, on the other hand, is woefully scant. Stay tuned for this December, when Moore faces Democratic nominee Doug Jones for the vacant Alabama seat.

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