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Though incumbent Governor Rick Snyder received national recognition for his efforts to manage Detroit’s bankruptcy and to stabilize Michigan’s economy, his political future is uncertain. Democratic opponent Mark Schauer has run a more aggressive campaign than Snyder and Snyder’s approval ratings are nowhere near where they were in 2010. At a town hall meeting on Monday, Snyder called allegations that he downgraded education funding to give large businesses tax breaks “hogwash" and further rebuked Democrats who criticized his public school funding policies by stating that he increased overall education spending up to $1 billion since 2011. Watch Governor Rick Snyder’s Kalamazoo town hall here.

Schauer and Snyder are expected to come together for a televised town-hall style debate on the evening of October 12 at Wayne State University’s Schaver Music Recital Hall. The debate, which will be moderated by the Detroit News, is long overdue, as Michigan voters have been waiting for a formal discussion between Snyder and Schauer for months. The format will not be in a typical debate style. Instead, the two candidates will talk openly with each other and an audience of undecided Michigan voters.

Meanwhile, WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) will host a Senate debate in October. This comes as a surprise, since Republican candidate Teri Lynn Land has run an unexpectedly low-profile campaign. U.S. News and World Report even named her “The Invisible Senate Candidate”. Still, as you probably know, Land is featured very prominently on Michigan television screens. Since last spring, Michigan voters have been bombarded with TV ads which feature Land condemning Democratic opponent Gary Peters. In a race that’s currently ranked as a tossup, the debate should be eye-opening.

In other news important to our community, Arab American U.S. Representative and District 3 incumbent Justin Amash spoke to a WMUK radio yesterday morning. On the radio channel, the Republican congressman stated that he wanted to ensure that people’s civil rights and liberties are protected. He also discussed President Obama’s ISIS strategy and immigration reform. Listen to the whole conversation here.

And in troubling Islamaphobia news, Michigan politician and Republican National Committeeman David Agema stated on his public “Politician” Facebook page that Islam is “the biggest threat to the world today.” The statement was posted on Monday, September 23.

We are watching these other toss-ups: District 1, where incumbent Dan Benishek (R) faces off against Jerry Cannon (D); and District 7’s race between incumbent Tim Walburg (R) and Pam Byrnes (D).

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