What does Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu think of the European Union’s exhibition of some tepid concern for Palestinian rights? “It’s crazy. It’s actually crazy!” That moment was brought to you by a hot mic where, in private talks with European leaders, Bibi was referencing the EU’s preference to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolved before initiating closer trade ties. According to Bibi, such a move undermined Europe’s business and security interests (yeah, right!).  The most revealing aspect here, though already obvious to close observers, is Bibi’s contentment with leaving Palestinians under perpetual occupation. His comments are basically calling on the EU to also get comfortable with Palestinians living indefinitely without their basic rights. But with growing discontentment with the occupation, it’s Bibi who actually needs to learn to get comfortable with growing global reluctance to ignore it. Oh, and did we mention he also confessed to "dozens and dozens" of Israeli airstrikes in Syria?