Posted by Ali Albassam on February 13, 2017 in Blog


Next week (February 18–26) Members of Congress will be in their home districts to connect with constituents like you. This is an important time to start advocating locally on the issues you care about most. Click here to request a meeting with your representative now.

There are so many issues that your Member of Congress needs to know that you care about, but most especially he/she needs to hear your voice opposing the Muslim Ban Executive Order. While the order is currently being considered by the courts, Members of Congress have an important role in shaping the court of public opinion in opposition to this discriminatory, counter-productive order. You can see where your representative stands on President Trump’s Muslim Ban here.

Please take this Congressional recess to connect with your Member of Congress face-to-face, either through a constituent meeting or at a public event. 

As the first District Work Week of the 115th Congress, and the first since the Inauguration of President Donald Trump, it is imperative that our community take this opportunity to make our voices heard. We encourage you to read through our 2017 Advocacy Roadmap ahead of your efforts to learn what you can and should be asking your Representative to do on a range of issues that impact Arab Americans. You can email me if you need any assistance or advice!

Review our Advocacy Roadmap and contact us at to learn how to capitalize on your meeting.