Meet our 2016 Spring Interns


 Each semester, AAI welcomes a new class of interns to our offices in Washington, DC. Chosen interns are deeply involved in their communities, highly successful in their studies, often speak multiple languages, and demonstrate hard work and enthusiasm in all aspects of their lives.

We are looking forward to working with our Spring 2016 interns, selected from a competitive field for their impressive history, experience, and motivation. Each person has unique skill sets and many have already produced excellent research and reports. Learn more about this spring's interns here and look out for their work on our blog!


Sara Abdel-Rahim is Egyptian American, and is from Tampa Florida. She is the AAI’s external intern for the Brookings Institution. Currently a junior studying Political Science and Arabic at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana she is very passionate about the Middle East and United States foreign policy in the region. Her experience in the Middle East includes studying in Amman, Jordan for a semester in a diplomacy and policy studies track, teaching English in Morocco this past summer, and visiting Egypt to see family. During her time at Notre Dame, Sara has been active in the Muslim community spreading awareness and organizing events. She spearheaded the initiative to bring Reza Aslan to campus in order to discuss ISIS and Islam and denounce any negative stereotypes and common misconceptions. Sara loves traveling and conducting research on her breaks from school. She recently spent two weeks in Milan Italy looking at migration patterns of Egyptians and its correlation to the rise of xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe.


Mahmoud Abunie received his graduate degree in Public Affairs from the University of San Francisco. He is originally from San Francisco, CA and has extensive knowledge about the Middle East, specifically Israel/ Palestine, and its political and social construct. He has interned in both the Mayor’s office as well as the Board of Supervisors in the City and County of San Francisco. He intends to use his experience and knowledge to create and promote positive change for all Americans and people across the globe. 



Kevin Hack is a first year M.A. student at the Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies (SAIS) with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies. Before coming to Washington, DC Kevin lived in California, where he completed his undergraduate education, and later, worked in a Congressional District Office in Riverside, CA. At AAI, his interests include foreign policy issues, Islamophobia and American perspectives on Palestine. In his free time, Kevin enjoys brunch, cooking, and visiting museums in DC.



Fadel Nabilsi is a senior at the University of Michigan double majoring in International Studies and Near Eastern Studies, along with a minor in Arab and Muslim American Studies. As an Arab American, raised in a first generation Palestinian Muslim home, he has always been very interested in the politics of representation, especially in regards to Arab Americans. Some of Fadel’s past positions have included an internship with the National Network for Arab American Communities in Dearborn, MI, working to engage and educate the Arab American community. He has also worked with the Community Action Network helping to educate and support at risk youth in the Ann Arbor community. He hopes, through his work, to dispel stereotypes about Arabs and Muslims in America and abroad. He will continue to engage with Arab and Muslim American communities in his role as a Programs Intern at the AAI headquarters.

Jacob Saliba is a junior at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, working towards an International Relations degree, with minors in Islamic World Studies and Spanish. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio Jacob is of Lebanese and Palestinian heritage and since an early age has been passionate about Modern Middle East development. His interests include Lebanese Sectarianism, the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Middle Eastern Diasporas and the cultural diversity that makes up the region. Currently, Jacob is working on the final touches for two personal projects, Concessions for Peace and the Greater Middle East Index. For each project, Saliba hopes to bring different groups to promote peaceful solutions and expand their cultural perspectives. Excited for the future, Jacob will be studying and interning next semester in Amman, Jordan and is applying this fall to the American University of Beirut graduate program. 

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