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By Dalal Hillou

2012 Spring Intern

More than 8,000 Arab Americans live in Montgomery County, Maryland. In 1999, Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan first declared April to be "Arab-American Heritage Month." Montgomery College celebrates this occasion with a dynamic calendar of events throughout the month of April every year. There will be a wide array of events throughout the month celebrating the diversity of the Arab culture. One such event will be taking place in the city of Gaithersburg on April 23. The city’s Multicultural Affairs Committee will be presenting “Caring and Advocacy: Arab Americans Making a Difference” at the City Hall Gallery, 31 S. Summit Avenue, with a reception from 6 pm to 7:15 pm, followed by a proclamation delivered in the Council Chambers during the Mayor and City Council meeting at 7:30 pm. April 2012 will officially be declared as Arab American Heritage Month in Gaithersburg in the proclamation.

Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland will also be hosting events under the theme “Let’s Give Peace a Chance: Building Cultural Bridges Toward a Shared Future Through Dialogue, Inclusion and Mutual Understanding.” On April 17, the Montgomery County Government will proclaim April as Arab American Heritage Month, followed by a screening of the Egyptian movie “Microphone.”  This is only one of many educational and informative events that the college will be presenting to honor Arab culture and promote cross-cultural understanding.

There are also several events celebrating Arab heritage in states other than Maryland this month. In Georgia, there will be the Atlanta Arab Festival on April 28th and 29th. In New Jersey, The First Annual South Paterson Arab Cultural Street Festival will take place on April 28. And in Ohio, Lourdes University is hosting a spectrum of events to celebrate Arab Heritage Month.

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