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Today’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer has a great piece by the head of the Arab American Community Development Corporation Marwan Kreidie, breaking down Newt Gingrich’s reference to Palestinians as an “invented people.”

In his recent comments about Palestinians, Gingrich seemed to be suggesting that Arabs are a nomadic people devoid of any identification with or attachment to a specific land, and thus they can be easily removed to any other part of the "Arab world." Any rudimentary understanding of the area and its varied peoples would reveal that such assumptions are ludicrous, especially by a man who prides himself on his knowledge of history.

Kreidie does a wonderful job of situating the idea of Palestinian nationalism within a broader understand of nationalism as an invented concept in its entirety:

History certainly tells us that all nations are invented or imagined, but at the same time that the belief in them can be very real, strong, and passionate. The sense of nationhood is one of the few ideologies besides religion that people are willing to kill and die for. Whether Gingrich believes it or not, the Palestinians are a nation because they believe they are a nation.

Read the full article here.

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