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As we approach 2017, the Arab American community is facing a range of policy challenges both foreign and domestic. One of the ways you can help us have an impact and make a difference is by recommending candidates for AAI’s National Policy Council (NPC).  

Rasoul_and_Maher_Abdelqader.jpgNPC members participate in monthly calls with policy experts and AAI leadership around issues facing our community. These monthly briefings help make sure local leaders get the vital information they need on complex and quickly changing policies. For Washington experts and AAI leaders, these exchanges provide much-needed context around how local communities are not only impacted by policymakers but also how our communities are meeting those challenges in reality. 

If you feel you’d be a great fit, or want to recommend someone you know, read more about it below or click here

About AAI's National Policy Council 

The National Policy Council (NPC) is a body of Arab American community and political leaders who serve as important support base for the Institute’s community organizing efforts and policy work. Collectively, the NPC represents a wealth of experience, expertise and insight which is indispensable to the national impact of the Arab American community. This group of leaders is well-connected in their respective areas, familiar with AAI’s national leadership, understands the importance of our shared work, and is willing to dedicate a few hours each month to mobilizing the Arab American community.

Each month, AAI hosts monthly briefing calls for NPC members only. Our monthly calls bring national issues into local focus, and connect NPC members with policy experts on the most pressing domestic and foreign issues of the moment. We hope to provide not only deep insight into the facts and politics of an issues, but clear strategic actions that the Arab American community can mobilize around.

NPC members participate in AAI's leadership conferences, summits, and advocacy opportunities. Each year, AAI hosts a spring and fall leadership conference which bring NPC members together to connect in person, to engage in joint advocacy work with policymakers, and advance their local issues on the national stage. 

NPC members also build an Arab American grass tops network that is mobilized to develop shared goals, implement activities, and contribute to local, state, and national organizing. NPC members represent and serve as AAI's representatives in their local communities.

Who Serves on the National Policy Council?

The membership of this roughly 100 person body reflects the political, geographic, and gender diversity of the community. Criteria for invitation-only membership in the NPC are as follows: membership on the Board of Governors; key community leaders; and, individual supporters who have invested considerable personal time and energy into AAI projects. We specifically focus on engaging with leaders in the 12 states with the highest concentration of Arab Americans: California, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas and Illinois. 

For more information about the NPC or to inquire about joining, please contact Joan Hanna (

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