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The 2012 elections are heating up, and AAI has been working to keep you informed of key election developments in your state and nationwide. Now, we need your help to ensure that the Arab American community has a voice in the lead up to November.

Join AAI and NNAAC in mobilizing Arab Americans across the country to meet with their representatives in the home district office during our Week of Action from August 13-17. Building and sustaining a relationship with your elected official is one of the most important ways to effectively advocate on your issues. Our goal is to have 50 groups across the country meet with their representatives during this week – will you help us make it happen?


Decide what you want to meet with your representative to talk about. We've got talking points on immigration policy, racial profiling, Palestine, and more, but you're not limited to those topics. Want to discuss what's happening in the economy? Do you own a small business? Have an issue with local legislation? These are all great potential points of discussion.

Schedule a meeting with your representative. Don't know who it is? Find out here (upper right corner) or contact Samer at The earlier you schedule your meeting the better. Remember that meeting with legislative aides and staffers can be more effective than meeting with your elected official.

Let us know who you're meeting with and what you'll be discussing. AAI compiles this information so that we can tell the larger narrative of Arab American civic engagement and more accurately represent you.
For help with talking points visit our issue briefs page or NNAAC's talking points.

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