Posted by on December 03, 2010 in Blog


Last week, the 22 representatives of FIFA’s Executive committee selected Qatar to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, soccer’s ultimate tournament and the most-watched single sporting event in the world. The small nation beat out Japan, Australia, and the United States, among others, to host the Cup, which occurs every four years (South Africa held this year’s Sup; Brazil will host the event in 2014 and Russia in 2018).

The news was received with exuberant celebration in Qatar and understandable lamentation here in the States. We share in our compatriots’ disappointment over our missed opportunity, and we believe that Qatar’s honor is an historic occasion for the country and the Middle East at large. Qatar will be the first Arab nation to host the World Cup – an astonishing fact, given that the tournament has been around for 80 years and hosted in some countries more than once (Egypt vied for the coveted spot leading up to the 2010 World Cup, which it lost to South Africa). Qatar’s landmark achievement is also highlighted by the exciting architecture being utilized for its duties as host; its stadiums will use solar energy to power its air conditioners and parts of the structures will be dismantled and donated to countries in need of building materials. Qatar truly has been presented with a unique chance to expose the world to a region our community knows and loves, and all its qualities. From AAI to Qatar: Mabrouk for this wonderful achievement! See you in 2022, Inshallah.


Video: Watch Doha celebrate as Qatar wins 2022 World Cup Bid