Posted on September 09, 2011 in Arab American Institute

This weekend, our nation looks back with almost overwhelming grief. But it also looks forward — and does so with hope, faith, and determination. For 235 years, this country has embraced and celebrated the myriad faiths and faces, cultures and credos, that define us. Ours most certainly is a shared heritage — we are bound by our common devotion to tolerance and understanding, to sharing our histories and learning from others’ stories. Ten years ago, a sad few tried to take this away from us. They did not succeed.

Today, we share two of Jim Zogby’s columns, written in the weeks following 9/11. These pieces illustrate not just the magnitude of the shock, fear, and grief that swept down on our country that day; they illustrate also the seemingly boundless reserve of hope and devotion to our country’s founding principles. They are some of the most inspiring words we could offer. And we share them now:

Despite the enormous tragedy that terrorists brought to our nation’s doorstep we will continue in our efforts to make America better and to build greater understanding between our country, America, and the lands of our origins in the Arab world.” read the full article

Terrorism must and will be fought, but bigotry too must also continue to be fought. The early signs, however, point to the fact that despite some difficulties and some criminal acts, Americans are unified in facing both challenges.” read the full article









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