Being organized and having an impact locally is critical. Whether it's through engaging your school board or your State Attorney, much of the U.S. policy that impacts Arab Americans is made at the state and local level. As an important part of our 2017 Advocacy Roadmap - which lays out specific actions our community will take to fight against surveillance, hate crimes, bigotry, and for justice in Palestine - the links below provide a wealth of information for advocates.

Why only 12 states? Well, the ~3.7 million Arab Americans living in the United States are heavily concentrated in the 12 states we have listed below. Each state page has contact information for policymakers and state parties. We also have detailed demographic information about Arab Americans in each state (expanded demographics here), as well as Yalla Vote resources for election year organizing.

These states are where we are focused, but not the only states where we are active. So if you don't see your state below, please contact GovernmentRelations@aaiusa.org if you need help locating resources to contact policymakers in your state.

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More resources: