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Earlier today, the Arab American Institute hosted "The Party of Lincoln: Religious Liberty and the GOP," a panel that discussed how to protect religious liberty in a challenging environment.

Since our nation’s founding, religious and ethnic minorities have been an essential part of the social fabric which makes America great. The Republican Party—the Party of Lincoln—has a long-held history of championing the cause of religious and individual liberty, both cornerstone GOP values.

Arab American and former Bush Administration official Randa Fahmy-Hudome said "Arab Americans, a classic swing vote, are concerned about a number of issues including the diversity of the party, and as someone who has been involved with the Republican Party for more than three decades, I am confident we will continue to be faithful to those principles of diversity and religious liberty." Suhail Khan, a Republican Muslim and Chairman of the Conservative Inclusion Coalition, said "Religious liberty is one of the core conservative values that we cherish deeply because we take the Constitution seriously, and those undermining religious liberty don't understand what the Constitution is all about."

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